Massager for the whole body Tonific (Tonific)
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TONIFIK massager has an unbelievable beneficial effect on any parts of your body!
Want to tone your abdominals, buttocks, thighs, and legs? Then TONIFIC massager will help you with this! The massager has the most optimal size: its size is enough to massage all the main muscles, and at the same time it fits easily in your hand.
What is the secret of this effective massager?
The massager has a special design that includes 3 sets of spheres rotating 360 degrees.
First of all, it is:
The nozzle, acting deeply on the muscles. Its elements affect the active points of the body. This attachment is also ideal for relieving hand and foot fatigue.
Nozzle to combat cellulite. The hemispheres of this nozzle are covered with convex points acting on the deepest layers of the skin. They contribute to getting rid of excess fat, burning calories. Minimum cost for you!
Nozzle of the three hemispheres for a general massage to help relieve back pain and forget about fatigue.
How does the Tonific Body Massager Massager work?
The work of the massager TONIFIC occurs when the massager is in contact with your body. To start using, you only need to connect the massager to the outlet and set the required speed.
TONIFIC - Hand massager with interchangeable rotating spheres with convex dots. With a TONIFIC massager, you will forget about pain and unnecessary tension! Now you can enjoy a back, neck, shoulder and leg massage at home!
3 interchangeable swivel heads
Massager Tonific Tonific Body Massager
Order massager Tonific Tonific Body and have a lot of fun!